Originally from Northern B.C. I spent alot of my spare time drawing and designing ideas for tattoos and shirts, I was facinated with tattoos and the stories behind them. When I moved to the Vancouver area, a friend took me to a local tattoo shop and introduced me to one of the artists there. I showed him my drawings and he told me i had some potential but needed to work on my designs and get better. From then on I was determined to improve and learn how to tattoo. I spent the next few years practicing my drawing skills until i was given the chance too tattoo. In 2011 an opportunity opened up for me to start tattooing professionally.

Before tattooing I was unhappy with the career choices and other decisions I was making. But, when I committed to pursuing tattooing, my life changed giving me a great carreer and helping me make better choices in life.

I am comfortable with many styles of tattoo design ranging from American and Japanese traditional to realism. I was featured in a new tattoo magazine called Total Ink Magazine. To date it is my biggest achievement in tattooing. I joined the East Van Inc. Tattoo Famiglia in August 2013 where I hope to make many more achievements in the future.




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