Sarah Slaughterson

Sarah's love affair with all things artistic began as a small child. Her interest in Body Modifications peaked during adolescence, and her passion continues  to grow daily! With a keen eye for detail, and a dedication to quality, alongside  non-compromising standards for health and safety regulations, Sarah provides a unique experience for each client.


Josh Darby

Josh "Pinz" Darby has been involved with the tattoo/body modification scene for about 11 years. His love for old ritualistic body mods/piercing was sparked at a very young age - fascinated by people having the ability to express their own views of beauty and strength through unconventional means.


Josh strives for knowledge, constantly educating himself on human anatomy, the safest work practices and working alongside talented individuals in the industry. From basic piercings to play piercings, from heavy modification procedures to scarification. Josh offers a variety of services for all your needs. Get poked by Pinz!



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