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Josh Darby at East Van Inc

I began my Tattooing career in 2007 as Manu Edwin’s apprentice; I completed two years as Manu’s apprentice all the while building a solid client base. The shop then expanded and became Jackson St Tattoos at which I was a founding member and a contributing permanent Tattoo Artist for four years.

I love bringing together a fusion of styles and my main passion is for custom-designed Asian style art, striving to always learn and develop new styles and techniques and thoroughly enjoy bringing client’s ideas to fruition.

During my time as a tattooer I completed two trips around Europe, refining my craft as a guest artist at Mana Ink (Deventer), Skin Art (Offenbach) & White Light Tattoo (Berlin) studios. During these trips I also worked at several tattoo conventions including the Assen Convention, Hamlen Convention.


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